A video endorsement platform for local experts and explorers.

Share short video endorsements of the best local businesses around you.

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Many great businesses don’t get the attention they deserve.

People want to discover the best local places run by the people within their community.  

They want to support the businesses nearby and do as the locals do. Local businesses are doing their best to serve their community with great food, products, and services. But many businesses remain hidden and go unnoticed.

This is where you come in. 

You know where all of the hidden treasures are. Now with Vouch you can easily lead your audience to the best businesses in your area.

Honest, Short, Video Endorsements.

Vouch is a video endorsement platform for local experts just like you. Think of Vouch like a video version of Google Reviews minus the angry reviews. 

With Vouch you can record short video tours of your favorite local businesses and be known as a local expert. 

Share your Expertise

Whether you’re a realtor, a financial advisor or a travel enthusiast, with Vouch you can easily lead your audience to the best hidden treasures in your area.

Build Your Following

The more hidden treasures you endorse the more your following grows and you are known as a local expert.

Support Local Businesses

Everytime you tag and endorse a business, it strengthens your local economy. 

Here’s How it Works.

Tag a Business

Step 1: Tag

Search for a business by name, and tag its location.

Tag a Business

Step 2: Show

Record a short video tour highlighting the hidden treasure, why you love it and why others should love it too. 

Tag a Business

Step 3: Share

Share your profile or a specific endorsement with your network and build your local following.

Are you ready to be known as a local expert?

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